Welcome to DAYBIT.

First of all, I would like to appreciate for your patient for DAYBIT.

In the meantime, DAYBIT has sincerely tried to make the best exchange with all the team members.

And finally, we showcase new features and services that existing exchanges have not ever tried, but have needed in operations, technology, and security factors.

DAYBIT believes that improving the return of investors is the main role of the exchange.
In that context, DAYBIT is for you who believe in and invest in the future of Blockchain.

We wanted to focus on creating a normal trading environment. This is something that someone must do. It is necessary to increase the value of digital asset.

Today, opening DAYBIT is not just the beginning of a new exchange.
It will be a new beginning of a more normal and valuable digital asset market.

October 10, 2018
Digital Asset Exchange, we really start now.

Digital Asset exchange made by Blockchain Expert