A reward ratio is what determines the amount of DAY issued to a customer from DAY Reward.
The amount of DAY issued is calculated by converting the transaction fee into USD then multiplying the Reward ratio.
This is the standard for Taker Orders and Maker Orders are calculated by multiplying the Reward ratio with the Maker Premium.

The next Reward Ratio is determined by the amount of time when the Reward Pool of present round is run out and the amount of DAY left from the Reward Pool.

DAY Reward ratio of the next round would be determined so that the average cost of getting 1 DAY token is not less than the market value of the DAY / BTC market.

Example 1)

Reward ratio 100 = 100 DAYs per 1 USD Transaction Fee for Taker Orders

Example 2)

500 USD Trasaction Fee, Reward ratio 10, Maker Premium 50%

Taker: 500 * 10 = 5000 DAY

Maker: 500 * 10 * (1+1*50%) = 7500 DAY

Reward ratio is subject to change according to the provided DAY amount and exchange policies, and you can view this from the Reward program tab.

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