Make Account, Get Rewards

[How to Create]

1. Select “Sign Up” button

On the Web, select the menu bar> Sign-up
On the App, select the menu that requires login, and then select Sign-up

2. Check your domain ""

Please confirm that you have accessed right domain according to the secure DAYBIT domain as shown on the screen before you sign-up
On the App, select the menu that requires login, and then select Sign-up

3. Enter your email/password (Required)

1) Email 

When you sign up for membership, your email is used as ID on the DAYBIT. You are recommended to enter your frequently used email address because information on deposit, withdrawal and login will be provided by email. 

2) Password

For the safety of your account, please enter at least 8 digits that contain alphanumeric(alphabets and numbers) and special characters. 

4. Enter the Referral code (optional)

If you are visiting via a friend’s Referral link or know the Referral code, you can enter the Referral code at signing-up to receive benefits for both yourself and your friend after signing up. 

For more details of Referral, please refer to Referral Bonus on User Guide.

5. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions (partially require)

DAYBIT always obtains the consent from members on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to safeguard personal information of members. 

However, consent on collection/use of personal information and receipt of promotion is optional. If you do not agree, you can modify at any time in My Page> Account.

6. Check the email verification, and complete Sign Up.

DAYBIT will send an authentication email to the email address that you entered to protect your account safely. 

Upon completion of email authentication, the membership registration will be completed.

※ DAYBIT account can be registered via Web / iOS / Android App altogether.