On the DAYBIT, Good till canceled order type means the order that cannot be canceled until the order is completely filled.

Good till canceled order can be filled if you enter the price and quantity you want. The order will be filled, setting you as either Maker or Taker which is advantageous to you. 

Good till canceled order is available on both DAYBIT Web and App.

How to Place an Order

1) Exchange > Buy/Sell Tab > Good till canceled

2) Enter the price / amount.

3) Check your open order. (Or if the order can be concluded immediately, check your order history)

※ MakerA person who makes an order that is not concluded immediately, If you want to enter an order as Maker, please refer to the Post Only Order.

※ Taker: A person who makes an order to be concluded immediately, If you want to enter an order as Taker, please refer to Immediate or cancel Order.

※ DAYBIT charges same 0.1% across the board for transaction which you engage as Maker or Taker. So, there is no difference in transaction fee.

※ In DAY reward program, Maker’s reward ratio is 1.5 times higher than Taker’s. So, when you participate in DAY reward program, it is recommended that you order as Maker.