On the DAYBIT, Post Only Order refers to the order in which the member who entered an order becomes a Maker.

This order is not immediately concluded, but is put on hold until a Taker emerges. 
Order is rejected in cases where the order will be concluded immediately upon an order request. 

Post Only Order is only available on DAYBIT Web.

Post Only Order Procedure and Situation

1) Exchange > Buy or Sell > Set order Role: Post Only(maker)
2) Enter the price / amount
3) Select Buy or Sell button
4-1) Check your open order in cases where the order will not be immediately concluded.
4-2) Order is rejected in cases where the order will be concluded immediately.

※ DAYBIT charges the same 0.1% trade fee in case you engage as Maker or Taker. So, there is no difference in transaction cost.

※ In DAY reward program on DAYBIT, Maker’s reward ratio is 1.5 times higher than Taker’s reward ratio. When you participate in DAY reward program, it is recommended that you order as Maker.