Immediate or cancel Order on DAYBIT is the order where members become takers. 

Due to Maker’s order that has been put on hold, an order is valid only when it can be concluded immediately. 
If the order cannot be concluded immediately, the order is rejected. 
Immediate or cancel is available only on DAYBIT Web. 

How to Immediate or cancel Order

1) Exchange > Buy or Sell Tab > Select order Role : Immediate or cancel(taker).

2) Enter the price / amount.

3) Select Buy or sell button.

4-1) In cases where the order will not be immediately concluded.> Order created.
4-2) In cases where the order will be immediately concluded. > Order rejected. 

※ DAYBIT charges same 0.1% across the board for transaction which you engage as Maker or Taker. So, there is no difference in transaction cost.

 In DAY reward program, Maker’s reward rate is 1.5 times higher than Taker’s reward rate. So, when you participate in DAY reward program, it is recommended that you order as Maker.