DAY reward means a program that provides DAY as a reward that contributed to the growth of exchange and development of trading ecosystem.

The amount of DAY paid through transactions is determined by fees, reward rates, and Maker Premium.

DAY reward can be checked on both DAYBIT Web and apps.

Conditions of DAY Reward 

1) Fees: Only members who do not use the 50% discount by paying in DAY will be eligible for DAY reward. If you want to receive DAY reward, please turn off the DAY discount.

2) Reward ratio: This is the unit that determines the quantity of DAY paid to the customer. For more information, please see here.

3) Maker Premium: When it comes to Maker order, DAY reward rate is increased 1.5 times. For more information, please see here.

Check for your DAY Reward (Web/App)

Check your wallet> Deposit & Withdrawal> DAY rewards tab

※ The amount of reward per hour is subject to change depending on the business situation and policy.

※ There is no limit to the amount of DAY you can receive per day.

※ For detailed explanation of DAY, please check DAY policy.

※ Withdraw DAY out of DAYBIT is unavailable and deposit/withdraw DAY to DAYBIT wallet is also unavailable.