On the DAYBIT, Open Orders is the section that exposes your order which has not been concluded yet or is being concluded. 

In Open Order, the orders will disappear automatically when the orders are concluded. The details will be accumulated in Order History.

Order History is available on Web / App.

Web > How to find Open Order

1) Exchange> Open Order tab

2) My Page > Funds > Open Order

App > How to find Open Order

1) Trades > Orders/Trades > Open Orders

2) Funds > Open Order

Detail of Open Orders

1) Type : The type of order (Buy, Sell, Stop-Limit or Trailing Stop)

2) Price : The price entered when you make the order

    * In case of Stop-Limit, Condition price should be entered at Condition 

    * In case of Trailing Stop, Distance and limit offset information should be entered at Condition and Price.

3) Amount : The amount of token you asked when you make the order

4) Unfilled : The amount of token which is not in concluding. If the order has been partially concluded, this value decrease.

※ When the order is not completely concluded, you can cancel the order. If the order has been partially concluded, the remaining part can be canceled. 

※ Open Order will be expired after 1 month or less depending of the order type. If it is expired, automatically Open Order will be canceled. Please note the detail related Open Order (FAQ).