BTC reward refers to the return of a portion of the Exchange commission revenue in the form of BTC to the members based on the extent of contribution made by each member as determined by calculating trading volumes of each member who has engaged in transaction at least once a day and DAY value of DAYs held by each member. 

The BTC reward quantity is equivalent to maximum 66.6% of Exchange commission revenue recorded each day and is calculated once a day and paid in lump sum depending on the extent of contribution made by each member. 

BTC reward is set higher for the member who has higher transaction volumes and higher daily average DAY value held by the member. 

Criteria for reward based on actual contribution

Minimum one transaction per day: Previous day morning (UTC +9) 09:00:00 - Today morning(UTC +9) 08:59:00 (One day transaction)

How to check BTC reward amount(Web / App)

Wallet> Deposit & Withdrawal Details> Reward tab.

※ The amount of BTC payment can be changed according to the policy.