On the DAYBIT, the dropping from a high point Order(Pick Down) refers to the sell order made when the price is falling steadily at certain rate while trailing the upward curve of the token.

As for this order, a sell order will be concluded if the price drop steadily down to the point designated on the basis of high point. 

Dropping from a high point order is available only on DAYBIT Web. 

How to Place an Order

Example: Token is sold at a price 1% lower than the market price when the price of “Token A” falls 10% from the peak. 

1) Exchange > sell Tab > Condition : Rising from a high point(Trailing Stop)
2) Enter the conditional price rate (available 2~10%) : 10%
3) Enter the price (available 1~3%) : 1
4) Enter the amount
5) Select Buy

※ Trailing orders can be checked based on the Open Order Detail until the orders are executed. 

※ Up to 2 trailing orders are allowed per account. When more than 2 tailing orders are placed, the Order will not be entered.