In DAYBIT, users can easily check investment status about tokens possessed at Funds tap.

At Tokens where in Funds tap, users can find market value, average purchase price, asset composition of each token possessed which are useful for investment. Moreover, the composition and total market value are changed in realtime without manual refreshing.

Tokens is available on Web / App

Web - How to find Tokens 

My Page > Funds > Tokens 

App - How to find Tokens 

Funds > Tokens 

Tokens detail

1) Amount : total amount of token you possessed now.
2) Avg.purchase price : Average purchase price converted USD per 1 token you possessed.
3) Cost : Total purchase price you paid for token you possessed with being converted USD.
4) Market value : Estimated total price of toke you possessed with being converted USD.
5) Gain/Loss : Ratio and value compared Market value with Cost.

※ When you get tokens by Airdrop or Reward, those token are excluded from calculating Avg.purchase price, cost, market value, gain/loss. please refer to it. 

※ If you have tokens possessed, you can make order quickly by clicking you token list.