Referral bonus means that both inviter and invitee can receive additional DAYs when invitee signing up through a referral code and/or link.

The amount of the invitation bonus is determined by trading volumes of the Inviter and Invitee.

This program is also available on both Web and apps.

How inviter receive Referral bonus (Web)

Method 1) Web> Rewards Bonus> My Referral Code > More > Check code> Copy and Share

Method 2) Web> My Page> Account> My Referral Code > More > Check link> Copy and Share

Inviter = additional 10% of DAYs reward received by invitee(s)

How invitee receives Referral bonus (Web / App)

Method 1) Use the referral link when you sign up, or enter the referral code

Method 2) If you were not able to input the code in the sign-up stage, please enter your inviter’s referral code in My Page> Manage Referral Code

Invitee = additional 20% of the DAYs reward which invitee will be received by him/herself basically.

※ You could not change referral code if you entered once.

※ For more information about the Referral bonus, please refer to Web> Rewards Program.