DAY is a cryptocurrency issued to customers through DAY Reward or Referral Bonus, or other Events in DAYBIT


  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 (2 Billions)

  • No additional issue

  • No withdrawal out of DAYBIT
    *Withdraw DAY out of DAYBIT is unavailable and deposit/withdraw DAY to DAYBIT wallet is also unavailable.


  • 50% trade fees discount by paying in DAY

  • The criterion for determining the amount of individual reward in BTC Reward

  • Airdrop dependent upon the amount of DAY possessed

DAY Allocation

DAY Reward pool
1 Billion
Compensation for trader’s contribution to DAYBIT such as trade, referral etc.
0.1 Billion
Including Pre-registration Event
Operating Funds
0.9 Billion

Initially, it is 100% locked.

Exchange can unlock a variable portion of Operating Funds each day.

“Unlock” means the right to sell and use DAY for a new policy, but does NOT mean to be sold right after.

How to use can be varied, depending on business circumstances.

2 Billion

* The portion can be determined at our own discretion based on changes in business circumstances.

  • Locked DAY and DAY Reward pool are NOT qualified for BTC Reward.

  • BTC Reward consists of maximum 100% of trade fees income.
    DAYBIT will unlock the same amount of DAY from the Operating Funds as the portion given to users as DAY Reward on a daily basis. Unlocked DAY will be qualified for BTC Reward.
    When DAY Reward has been concluded, practically 66.7%** of trade fees income will be offered as BTC Reward.
    **Note. The portion would be changed, if DAYBIT sold unlocked DAY or buy-back DAY,

  • BTC Reward Criterion
    Approximately 50~75%* of trade fees income from the previous day will be returned to “contributors” in BTC as contribution rewards.
    * The proportion can be determined at our own discretion based on changes in business circumstances.
    “Contributors” means that traders who make a transaction at least once a day, regardless of DAY amount possessed.


  • Before you buy, sell or receive DAY, please read Terms of DAY.

  • All contents and policies above are subject to change, whenever the amendments are required depending on business circumstances.

  • All policies and services related to DAY, including the above FAQ, are subject to change at any time according to the DAYBIT's internal policies.

  • DAY is  not intended to constitute securities, units in a business trust, or units in a collective investment scheme, or its equivalent or any other regulated products in any jurisdiction.

  • DAY does not entitle you to any ownership or any other interest and revenue in Chain Partners Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Chain Partners”), DAYBIT Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “DAYBIT”). and/or any of their affiliated companies.

  • The above FAQ is intended to provide detailed information about the token economy and its functions and is not intended as a offer or suggestion for any kind.

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Terms of DAY