Current address of BitcoinCash(BCH) is being used as both an existing and new address.
The new one is used in DAYBIT.

- The existing address:16rVmasrgBAQyVBTopiXedga5C8huz2dHs
- The new address:bitcoincash:qpqr2p4yp96pt08awcld7mpafxt99qyucvu9frzwcd

The existing address are used in the most of current coin markets, so if you want to withdraw BCH with the existing one, you need the new one.
So, in this case, you need to convert new BCH address.
If you want the existing one, you click "Legacy" tab below website.

Link: https://cashaddr.bitcoincash.org/

The converted addresses are able to be exchanged.

On the contrary, if you want to deposit on DAYBIT from a coin market with the existing one, you can exchange the address from the existing one to new one and then deposit on DAYBIT.
In this case, you click "CashAddr" tab above website.

Thank you.