Welcome to DAYBIT!
We will inform you about Reward Program Notices operated in DAYBIT.

Please check the contents and refer it for participating the program.

1. DAY Reward, Referral Bonus, and BTC Reward are organised by DAYBIT lnc(hereinafter referred to as “DAYBIT”). Please read Terms of Service for use of DAYBIT, Terms of DAY, and all documents and contents or any part of them related to DAY made by DAYBIT(“Terms”) carefully. By participating in the Reward program including Referral bonus, you agree to be bound by those Terms and all terms incorporated by reference. If you do not agree to those Terms then do not participate in Reward program and do not buy and sell DAY.

2. DAYBIT reserves the right to revise those Terms at any time or withdraw the mining and PoC at any time. If we make changes and withdrawal, we will post and notify it of you by the method written in Terms of Service for use of DAYBIT.

3. Reward ratios can differ by hour and day in accordance with the circumstance of the Reward program. Specific rates will be posted on the Reward program page.

4. Reward ratio and maximum Reward limits per account can be adjusted at any time. DAYBIT reserves the right to adjust both ratio and maximum both limits per account at any time.

5. DAYBIT reserves the right to restrain any user based on Terms of Service for use of DAYBIT if they do the fraudulent act for the Reward program and Referral bonus.

6. As DAY will be traded on DAYBIT, its market value will vary depending on market circumstance of DAY on DAYBIT. DAYBIT do not have any responsibility to guarantee the value of DAY and recover the losses and cost incurred with the change of the market value of DAY.

7. DAY does not entitle you to any ownership or any other interest and revenue in Chain Partners Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Chain Partners”), DAYBIT, and/or any of their affiliated companies.

8.The above content does not constitute a suggestion or solicitation for making a purchase, or part of a comment or advice on DAY sales, and part or the presentation of the content does not form the basis for investment decisions and contracts.

9. When there is a conflict between the Korean documents and the English documents, the Korean documents take precedence.