Hello, this is DAYBIT team.

We apologize to those who suffered from the large gap in DAY Reward ratio.

The improvement for DAY Reward ratio has been going on since 22nd round and is stabilizing as time goes by. We apologize to all users who have experienced any inconvenience in the issue. We have gathered feedback from many users regarding the Rewards system. Please note that we have decided as follows through feedback.


1. Rewards ratio of previous 24 hours after the opening is too volatile. If we determine the starting price of DAY based on this data, the price distortion and side-effect are clearly expected. Therefore, we decided to postpone DAY market opening. DAY market will be opened after ‘HAPPY BIRTH DAYBIT!’ event is done on October 18th.

2. In response to the opinion that it is difficult to see the current DAY balance of each user, DAY Wallet was just opened. DAY wallet can be found in My Page> Wallet.

Please note: DAY is neither possible to be withdrawn to a external wallet nor transferable between users within DAYBIT.

3. We apologize again for any inconvenience to the users in the process of improving Reward ratio and normalizing deposit/withdrawal service. We will put an additional 1 BTC to BTC Rewards to be paid tomorrow. Thank you for using DAYBIT and waiting for it to normalize.

4. We would like to highlight our policy of BTC Rewards once again. In the case of BTC Rewards, you will be eligible for BTC Rewards based on the contribution that calculated with the daily trading volume and the daily average DAY possessed when you trade at least once a day. In the case of a trade volume, it is counted regardless of the round end of DAY reward. Don’t miss it!

We hope that a sound DAY token ecosystem will be consistently created and that DAYBIT aims to become a great exchange for stable, ongoing trade not just for Rewards. This announcement is to protect many DAY token holders and future investors. As part of such efforts, we would like to appreciate your patience and understanding. 

We would like to listen to the user's voice with the lesson of today's service disability, and We will do our best to provide better service in the near future.

<Guide to change DAY Market schedule>

[Before change]

October 12, 2018, 9am

[after change]

October 18, 2018, 9 am

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