This is DAYBIT team. We held HAPPY BIRTH DAYBIT event for the past week, paid 500 DAY to whom trade over $1,000 a day. As we have noticed earlier, there were abusing cases in which virtual phone numbers were used to fraudulently exploit the event. So, we will retrieve DAY tokens you received by the participation of this event, and return them right after upon the completion of one-time ID verification system which will be released later.

The recall schedule and return schedule and procedure are as follows.

[Recall schedule]

The DAY tokens paid for the event, HAPPY BIRTH DAYBIT, will be retrieved after the payment of BTC Reward from 9:00 am tomorrow.  (2018.10.20 09:00 UTC+9)

This process will be completed before the listing of DAY at 14:00 pm tomorrow.

[How to check]

  1. You can check it at “My Page> Transaction> Airdrop > State”.

  2. If the state is displayed as pending, it is recollected successfully.

  3. If you use mobile phone, please update DAYBIT app to check the status successfully.

(As of 18:00 pm on the 19th, October, this update is available.)

[Verification schedule]

If the authentication system is ready, you will be notified via SMS and Customer Support.

[Verification procedure]

  1. The recollected DAY tokens will be repaid right after upon the completion of the one-time ID verification.

  2. At this moment, this verification process is only supported for Domestic resident who have Koreans number.

  3. Any DAY tokens from an account, which has not completed it within 30 days after the commencement of the verification, will be automatically transferred into our marketing portion and used for other events in the future.

  4. This verification procedure can only be worked on desktop web and mobile web, not on mobile apps.

  5. One-time ID verification procedure will be available at the screen of https://daybit.com/ 

  6. The process for foreign resident will be provided later.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may face again.

Thank you for your support.


*Please note that the listing of DAY token and contract of it will be announced tomorrow morning.