This is DAYBIT team. We are pleased to inform you that DAY token will be listed today. This is to notify you of the details regarding the schedule, procedure, and cautions. Furthermore, we would also like to announce contract of DAY token and unlock portion in order to transparently disclose our operations.


Please refer to the following details regarding the listing of DAY token, contract, and Unlock .


[Listing Schedule]

  1. The DAY token will be listed on BTC Market at 14:00 pm. (2018.10.20 14:00 UTC+9)

  2. It will be not listed on ETH, USDT Market at this time.



  1. Once DAY token is listed at 14:00 pm, you can only place sell orders for 10 minutes.

  2. After 10 minutes, you will be able to place buy orders as well.



  1. Please note that DAY Reward will not be applied when you pay transaction fees in DAY

  2. 50% fees discount paying in DAY will be notified separately if available


[Contract Address]

  1. The contract address of DAY token can be found at the address below.



[Details on unlock (DAYBIT portion)]

  1. As we notified earlier, we unlocked DAY token from Operating Funds since last Wednesday (2018.10.17 14:00 UTC+9).

  2. We will continue to unlock 960,000 tokens at 14:00 pm every day, which has been changed from the original plan: “6,720,000 (=960,000 * 7) will be unlock every Wednesday at 09:00 am.

  3. This change is to mitigate the impact related to unlock.

  4. Therefore, the current amount unlocked is 2,880,000 ( = 960,000 * 3 days)

  5. Unlocked DAY tokens are not sold to market immediately. As DAYBIT is also a holder of DAY token, consistent retention is recommended to receive BTC Reward. We will only sell the tokens if re-investment is needed to further develop the exchange such as marketing, overseas expansion, and compensation for excellent employees.


Thank you very much for your support to DAYBIT.

We will do our best to contribute to transparent environment in global crypto exchange.