This is DAYBIT team.

From Today 11:00 am, we are starting to verify in order to re-pay DAY tokens which were re-called. The re-paid DAY tokens will be deposited to your wallet immediately when you finish verification process successfully. Thank you for your patience.


20th Oct. 11:00 am (2018. 10. 20 11:00 UTC +9)


  1. You can check the verification screen at www.daybit.com  after log-in.

  2. You will not be able to see the procedure screen if you do not have DAY tokens retrieved or if you have already successfully completed the verification.

  3. You can verify your real name only by using the same mobile number as the one used for 2-step verification.
    (If you are using both foreign and domestic numbers, you are able to change your 2-step verification number to your domestic number and proceed with the new real name verification process for re-paying DAY token.)

  4. HAPPY BIRTH DAYBIT event has been closed at 8:30 pm on October 17th. Therefore, 500 DAY for October 18th is only available to customers who have traded more than $1,000 before that time.

※ This announcement is only for domestic resident. We do our best looking for solutions for foreign residents as fast as we can.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may face again.

Thank you for your support.