This is DAYBIT team.

Today, DAYBIT team has noticed through some reports from users of main crypto communities and tickets that some of users sold their accounts for recalling DAY tokens which are given through HAPPY DAYBIT event.

Therefore, the member suspected to have attempted to authenticate the mobile phone of another person or to transfer or lease the account will be blocked from the use of service by limiting log-in. At the same time, all DAY token paid by the event is re-collected in accordance with Terms of Service for Use of DAYBIT(hereinafter refer to as “Terms of Service”)

The basis of our decisions is as below.

The reasons for limiting logins are terms and conditions which are written in Terms of Service below.

1. Terms of Service Article 6-2 G. In the event of any criminal behavior, or if account information was leased out or transferred or offered as security

2. Terms of Service Article 6-2 H. If any user is suspected to be or have been involved in any behavior contravening the operation policies of Company

3. Terms of Service Article 6-4 A. If the user breached this Terms of Service

4. Terms of Service Article 6-4 D. If it is necessary to deny services to the user as deemed reasonably by Company

5. Terms of Service Article 10-2. Users shall abide by related laws, this Terms of Service, observe the precautions announced by Company, and comply with requirements notified by Company about the utilization guidance and services. Users shall not be involved in any act of causing obstruction to the works of Company.

However, the the users may file an objection in accordance with the procedure set by DAYBIT regarding the restriction of use and the re-collection of the event quantity in accordance with Article 6.9 of the Terms of Service. If the member's objection is found to be justifiable, the member shall cancel the restriction on the use of the service and re-pay the re-collected amount.

We would like to thank all the people who gave us information about loan and transfer of account information. 

We will try to put more efforts into prevention of any malicious cases and continue to build trustworthy exchange where trader. 


Thank you.