Hello, This is DAYBIT team.

We are pleased to inform you that ZPR token will be listed on 30th Oct 09:00(UTC +9), so we prepare the events for listing ZPR.

Please see below ZPR listing schedule and events and we hope you feel interested in ZPR.

[Project Introduction]

ZPER is a decentralized loan and investment platform based on blockchain technology. We aim at creating an innovative P2P finance ecosystem by combining industrial values of P2P finance and asset values of data all over the world. ZPER platform will establish a P2P finance ecosystem that transcends country and currency and thereby bring about innovation in the global flow of funds.  

In ZPER ecosystem, participants who are necessary to provide a reasonable finance environment for both borrowers and investors, e.g. P2P finance companies recognized by the ZPER Councils of each country, data providers, Robo Advisors and NPL purchasers, are able to freely meet with each other, share values on the basis of trust, and receive fair compensation. Borrowers can then take out a loan with an interest rate than before while investors can enjoy a higher rate of return.

Whitepaper: https://zper.io/paper/Whitepaper_Eng.pdf

[Listing Schedule]

  1. ZPR will be listed on ETH Market at 09:00 am. (2018.10.30 09:00 UTC +9)
  2. Once ZPR is listed at 09:00 am, you can only place sell orders for 10 minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes, you will be able to place buying orders as well.


  1. Please note the market price of ZPR will fluctuate because of lack of liquidity.
  2. DAYBIT doesn’t not have responsible for market price fluctuations due to lack of liquidity.
  3. ZPR is not a statutory currency that is authorized by national law. Therefore, the state or the entity does not guarantee its value.
  4. This is to inform you that the investor is responsible for determining the investment in ZPR and all losses incurred will be attributed to the investor itself.
  5. All times of this notice are based on Korean time.


Event for listing ZPER : https://support.daybit.com/en/support/solutions/articles/36000097213--event-event-for-listing-zper