This is DAYBIT team.

After several internal meetings, we decided to improve BTC Reward Program. This change is not intended to temporarily raise the price of DAY token, but to increase liquidity and enrich Market depth on DAYBIT. It is also intended to reflect the current situation with larger trade volume than that we expected and much larger trade only for Reward program.

Please refer to the following information.


  BTC Reward: 75% of Trade fee income


  BTC Reward: 100% of Trade fee income

[Applied Period]

  The updated policy applies to Trade fee income from 2018-10-28 (Sunday) 09:00:00 UTC +9 to 2018-10-29 (Monday) 08:59:59 UTC +9, which will be paid on Tuesday as BTC Reward.

[Additional Notice]

  1. With this improvement, 25% of trade fee income which has been classified as fixed income of DAYBIT will be included in BTC Reward program.
  2. DAYBIT is involved in the process of converting the transaction fee to BTC in order to prepare BTC for use in BTC Reward program.
    * Until now, DAYBIT never makes any other orders not to be involved in converting the trade fees to BTC and all orders DAYBIT made are able to be confirmed at [Funds > Trade History > Type]. Because it is a simple fee converting process, DAYBIT generates trading volume as less than 0.1% of total trading volume.
  3. As we announced through ‘About DAY’ , unlocked DAY of company possessed DAY is qualified in BTC Reward program. With this improvement, the participation is unchanged.
  4. Until now, Any unlocked DAY of DAYBIT has never been sold.
  5. With this improvement, the maximum trade fee income of DAYBIT is 33.3% of total trade fee income. Please note it.

In the near future, DAYBIT will expand the utility of DAY tokens by developing DAY token-based functions such as listing voting. We will keep striving to develop a great exchange. We sincerely appreciate your interest and support.

Thank you.