Hello, This is DAYBIT Team

We will inform you about deposit and withdrawal of ZPR that will be listed on October 30 at 9:00 am.

[Support Schedule]

Deposit and withdrawal of ZPR is available on 29th Oct. 7 pm (2018.10.29 19:00:00 UTC +9).

[Support Note]

  1. Before you deposit ZPR, please generate the deposit address for ZPR token at your DAYBIT wallet [My Pages > Wallet > ZPR]

  2. Please note that any error or loss caused by depositing other cryptocurrencies to this address cannot be reverted.

  3. Your deposit will appear in your wallet after 30 confirmations in the corresponding blockchain.

  4. This process takes varying amount of time depending on the network condition of the blockchain. DAYBIT cannot resolve delays in withdrawal or deposit caused by blockchain network issues.

Thank you for your support.