Hello, everyone. This is DAYBIT.

When it was initially designed, DAYBIT's BTC Reward was planned to receive up to 50% of fee income in the long term. 

However, it has been changed to taking up to 33.3% by revising policy which aims to enhance the benefits of DAY token holding.

Since we firmly believe that DAYBIT will be a great exchange in a long-term prospect, we are going to buyback DAY token from the market until DAYBIT holds about 50% of DAY Token distributed in the market.

To execute this policy, we would like to use our fee income that we‘ve gained until now and will obtain in the future.

Purchased DAY token will not be sold to the market except for marketing and employee incentive. 

Therefore, DAYBIT will never benefit from the price difference of the token(Arbitrage). (Once the portion DAYBIT holds becomes less than 50%, we will additionally buyback the token to meet the targeted level.

We will announce our balance of DAY token as well as paid portion for marketing and incentive every month.

DAY token we will buyback should not be burnt and be regarded as any other DAY token, so it is eligible for BTC Reward. 

Repeatedly, we will use this profit to meet around 50% of DAY holding by purchasing the token from the market.

This policy will be irregularly implemented upto the circumstance of our exchange, until the target is achieved in the long term. 

In the meantime, you can check directly at [My Page]-[Funds]-[Trade History], if you want to see transaction history with DAYBIT

Thank you for using DAYBIT! We will make sure to contribute to the market by creating a sound trading environment.

Thank you.