Hello. This is DAYBIT team.

We are announcing the updates on available identifications for 3-step verification.

As of today, DAYBIT will only accept the following identification documents to enhance security on exchange.

[Applied Date]

11. 09. 2018 (UTC +9)

[Before amendment]

  • Korean: Resident registration card, Passport, and Driver’s license
  • Overseas residents: Passport and other ID card

[After amendment]

  • Korean: only Passport (updated: 11.12.2018 16:00 UTC +9)
  • Overseas residents: only passport

For enhanced security, the Level 3 verification with a resident registration card or a driver’s licence or other ID cards will be down to the Level 2 verification. If you require the Level 3 verification, please proceed it with your passport again.

* Withdrawal limit by level FAQ: https://goo.gl/oAtLBk

Thank you for your support.