Hello. This is DAYBIT Team.

As the Hardfork of BCH (BitcoinCash) is scheduled for 16th November (UTC +9), we notify you of it.

[Hardfork Schedule]

[Temporary suspension of BCH Deposit/Withdrawal ]

  • Period : 2018-11-15 00:00 ~ After the stability confirmation of forked chain, we will announce the resume.
    *If you deposit your BCH into DAYBIT account wallet for BCH in the suspension period, it couldn't be reflected on DAYBIT account.
    Moreover, BCH deposited will not be recoverable. Therefore, please do not deposit your BCH after the deposit and withdrawal of BCH has been stopped and until the resume announcement has been concluded.

[Resume Schedule]

  • After the stability confirmation of hardforked BCH, the deposit and withdrawal of BCH will be available.

  • When the deposit and withdrawal of BCH is available, we will announce the resume separately.
    *If unusual case related to the resume of deposit/withdrawal, we would notify you of it.

[Balance Snapshot in DAYBIT]

  • Balance Snapshot schedule: 2018-11-15 22:00 (UTC +9)

  • The recorded balance by snapshot will be a criteria for Airdrop and etc.


  • During the temporary suspension period for BCH, the trade of BCH in DAYBIT is fully available.

  • Because of Hardfork including this BCH Hardfork, a new token could be issued. The listing of newly issued token will be determined following DAYBIT listing policy.

  • When DAYBIT decide to list the newly issued token by Hardfork, we will be announced separately.

Thank you for your support.