Hello, This is DAYBIT team.

We are pleased to inform you that POLY will be listed on 14th Nov. 14:00 (UTC +9).
Moreover, we prepare the events for listing POLY (The event contents will be announced later)
Please see below POLY listing schedule and events and we hope you feel interested in POLY.

[Project Introduction]

Polymath is a project that aims to provide a platform that connects traditional capital and money market to blockchain. Within the global financial system, token holders can be stockholders, and they want to build systems that allow businesses and companies around the world to access cryptocurrencies easily. In particular, Polymath is looking to replace existing ICOs through ST-20 token and security token design platforms, making it easier for companies to implement regulations related to security tokens and to raise resources through tokens.

Whitepaper: https://polymath.network/whitepaper.html

[Listing Schedule]

  1. POLY will be listed on BTC, ETH Market at 14th Nov. 14:00 (UTC +9)

  2. Once POLY is listed at 2 p.m, you can only place sell orders for 10 minutes.

  3. After 10 minutes, you will be able to place buy orders as well.

  4. Deposit and Withdrawal of POLY will be available from 13th Nov. 18:00 (UTC +9)

[Note for listing]

  1. Please note the market price of POLY will fluctuate because of lack of liquidity.

  2. DAYBIT doesn’t not have responsible for market price fluctuations due to lack of liquidity.

  3. POLY is not a statutory currency that is authorized by national law. Therefore, the state or the entity does not guarantee its value.

  4. This is to inform you that the investor is responsible for determining the investment in POLY and all losses incurred will be attributed to the investor itself.

  5. All times of this notice are based on Korean time.

[Deposit/Withdrawal Supporting schedule]

Deposit and withdrawal of POLY is available on 13th Nov. 18:00 (UTC +9)

[Note for deposit/withdrawal]

  1. Before you deposit POLY, please generate the deposit address for POLY token at your DAYBIT wallet [My Pages > Wallet > POLY]

  2. Please note that any error or loss caused by depositing other cryptocurrencies to this address cannot be reverted.

  3. Your deposit will appear in your wallet after 30 confirmations in the corresponding blockchain.

  4. This process takes varying amount of time depending on the network condition of the blockchain. DAYBIT cannot resolve delays in withdrawal or deposit caused by blockchain network issues.

Thank you for your support.