Hello, this is DAYBIT Team

There has been a service interruption on trading between 03:00 and 08:00 (GMT+9) today. 

We sincerely apologize to our customers who have experienced the interruption.


[What Caused the Interruption]

We have been updating our service after midnight without downtime to provide uninterrupted service. We did the same thing last midnight. 



No errors were found in the monitoring process immediately after the update. 

However, the error in trading feature was found several hours after the update. DAYBIT development team applied the solution around 08:00 and resolved the error at 08:10. 


[Results and Compensation Policy]

Tokens can be traded in all markets now. 


We calculated the compensation amount for the error based on the sum of fee amount between 03:00 and 08:00 on Nov 15th - the same time period on the previous day as the duration of the service interruption. 

The total fee within that period is approximately $3,200. To apologize for the error, we will add twice the amount, $6,400, to the BTC Reward pool today. 

BTC base price: 1BTC = $5,500


  • BTC Reward Pool

6.82356141 BTC

  • Compensation Amount
    1.16363636 BTC (= $6,400 * (1 BTC / $5,500))

  • BTC Reward with compensation added

8.00000000 BTC

*BTC Rewards with the compensation (7.987977) is rounded up to 8 BTC.


DAYBIT will strive to provide better service in the future, learning from our mistake today.

Thank you.