Dear users,

We’re holding events for our newly to-be listed token IQ. Please spread the word and get more EOS for upcoming event!

1. Deposit and Trade Event
- Deposit more than 50,000 IQ and trade once or more in IQ/EOS pair market to get additional EOS.

Maximum total amount: 5,000EOS

Event details:

  • 1 to 100 Participants : 2 EOS per user
  • 101 to 200 Participants : 4 EOS per user
  • 201 to 300 Participants : 6 EOS per user
  • 301 to 400 Participants : 8 EOS per user
  • 401 to 500 Participants : 10 EOS per user
  • If more than 400 users participate in the event, we will notify you. After that, if more than 500 users participate in the event, then the event can be concluded without any notice. The number of participants may vary if any of the participants withdraw cryptocurrency during the event.


2.  Lucky Draw for IQ

- During the event, if you trade more than $1,000 in IQ/EOS pair market, you automatically apply for the event.

Total 25 users will be selected randomly and each will get 2 of Shinsegae Gift Certificate worth 200,000 Korean won.

[Event duration]

2018.12.24 14:00:00 UTC+9 ~ 2018.12.31 13:59:59 UTC+9


  • If you withdraw any cryptocurrency during the event duration, you are not eligible for any of the events.

  • We need to collect the name and the resident registration number of those who receive the airdrop to fulfill the requirements in the withholding tax law. Please provide relevant personal information if we contact you to collect such information; without relevant personal information, it could be difficult to provide event airdrops.

  • If the same person or account has received event airdrops multiple times, duplicately airdropped tokens may be retracted.

  • All times within this announcement are in UTC+9.

  • Trades that are deemed improper will not be eligible for event participation.

  • You must get a deposit wallet address before the airdrop date.

  • The deposit address can be issued from [MyPage > Wallet] page.

  • The event may be concluded early if critical issues arise that can disrupt the event.


We will continue to strive to provide better service.

Thank you.