Dear users,

This is DAYBIT Team.

After DAYBIT announced the roadmap of 2019 through "[Announcement] Renewal of DAYBIT in 2019," we collected and analyzed users' demands and suggestions that can improve trading environment and user satisfaction in DAYBIT. First of all, thank you all who gave us various suggestions.

To reflect various suggestions that users gave us, DAYBIT is implementing a voting system. The detailed information about DAYBIT's voting system is as follows:

[Vote for Better DAY (Beta)]


  • DAY token holders can now vote on future policy modifications and token listings.

Voting Policy

  • DAYBIT does not intervene in any issues regarding votes.
  • Voting is available in a limited period of time.
  • Snapshot of the vote will be taken every hour, and the result will be updated every hours as well.
  • The result of the last snapshot at the end of of the voting period will be the result of the vote.
  • Number of votes available for each users depends on the number of DAY token that users hold. The detailed information on the voting rights is as follows:

Number of DAY Token Hold
More or equal to 10,000 DAY ~ Less than 30,000  DAY
More or equal to 30,000 DAY ~ Less than 100,000  DAY
More or equal to 100,000 DAY ~ Less than 300,000  DAY
More or equal to 300,000 DAY ~ Less than 1,000,000  DAY
More or equal to 1,000,000 DAY ~ Less than 3,000,000  DAY
More or equal to 3,000,000 DAY ~

*The voting policy can be modified in the future.

[The 1st Vote for Better DAY]

  • Date: 2019.02.26 18:30:00 (UTC +9)
  • Issue: The 1st issue about Rewarding Program

*Detailed information on issue will be available on 2019.02.26 18:30:00 (UTC +9)

DAYBIT is and will always do our best to satisfy users in trading in DAYBIT.

Let's build DAYBIT Together!

Best Regards,