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For the better DAY and DAYBIT, We are opening the 1st poll of "Vote for Better DAY." Any DAYBIT users who has more or equal to 10,000 DAY can participate in this poll. The purpose of "Vote for Better DAY" is to listen to users' voice more carefully. So, your participation will help to improve DAYBIT.

The detailed information about the 1st poll of "Vote for Better DAY" is as follows;

[How to Participate]

Date: 2019.02.26(Tue) 18:00:00 (UTC +9) ~ 2019.03.01(Fri) 18:00:00 (UTC +9) 72 hours

Who: Any DAYBIT users who holds more or equal to 10,000 DAY

Result: 2019.03.01(Fri)

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[The 1st poll of "Vote for Better DAY"]

Issue: Reward Program - BTC Reward Program Reform

BTC reward refers to the return of  a portion of the exchange commission revenue in the form of BTC to the members based on the extent of contribution made by each user as determined by calculating trading volumes of each member who has engaged in trades and DAY value of DAYs held by each user.

#1) Current Policy

  • Reward with: BTC


  • Maintaining current policy

#2) BTC & Altcoins

  • Reward with: BTC and Altcoins


  • Rewarding with BTC and Altcoins that are listed in DAYBIT
  • When rewarded with Altcoins, up to 20% will be added to the reward depends on the market situation and the trading volume of that specific cryptocurrency.

#3) DAY

  • Reward with: DAY


  • Rewarding with DAY which DAYBIT buys in market price at DAY/BTC market.

Voting Policy

  • DAYBIT does not intervene in any issues regarding votes.
  • Voting is available in a limited period of time.
  • Snapshot of the vote will be taken every hour, and the result will be updated every hours as well.
  • The result of the last snapshot at the end of of the voting period will be the result of the vote.
  • Number of votes available for each users depends on the number of DAY token that users hold. The detailed information on the voting rights is as follows:

Number of DAY Token Hold

More or equal to 10,000 DAY ~ Less than 30,000  DAY


More or equal to 30,000 DAY ~ Less than 100,000  DAY


More or equal to 100,000 DAY ~ Less than 300,000  DAY


More or equal to 300,000 DAY ~ Less than 1,000,000  DAY


More or equal to 1,000,000 DAY ~ Less than 3,000,000  DAY


More or equal to 3,000,000 DAY ~ 


*The voting policy can be modified in the future.

DAYBIT is and will always do our best to satisfy users in trading in DAYBIT.

Let's build DAYBIT Together!

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