This is DAYBIT Team,

We are excited to announce that 1st and 2nd round for Steemhunt(HUNT) IEO is sold out in a very short period of time!


As an appreciation for your eager participation, we prepared events for the 3rd round of Steemhunt IEO which will start at April 8th 2019 (UTC +9). The details of events are as followed:


EVENT 1. Best HUNTer Event


■ Eligibility Criteria: Top 3 users who bought the biggest amount of HUNT during IEO round 3


■ Event Details:

  • 1st: 100,000 HUNT (around $2,000 of value)
  • 2nd: 60,000 HUNT (around $1,200 of value)
  • 3rd: 40,000 HUNT (around $800 of value)


EVENT 2. Random Airdrop Event


■ Eligibility Criteria: Random users who bought more than 20,000 HUNT during IEO round 3


■ Event Details : Distribute 2,000 HUNT to maximum 100 participants


■ Airdrop Date : When Steemhunt bonus tokens are distributted (Lock-up: 90 days after the token listing)


[Event Winner Announcement Date and Airdrop Date]


■ Event Winner Announcement Date : April 17th 2019


■ Airdrop Date : When Steemhunt bonus tokens are distributed (Lock-up: 90 days after the token listing)


<The 3rd Token Sale>


Token Sale Dates: 2019.04.08 12:00:00 (UTC +9) ~ 2019.04.12 24:00:00 (UTC +9)


Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, EOS, STEEM


Token Sale Price: 1 HUNT: 0.02 USD


Bonuses: Buy HUNT and get 14% Bonus


Bonus lock-up Period: 90 days


Token Sale Allocation: 7,000,000 HUNT


Price of Cryptocurrency: Update every 12:00:00 (UTC +9)


■ Terms


  • Total airdrop amount for the Best HUNTer event is 200,000 HUNT.
  • Total airdrop amount for the Random Airdrop Event is 200,000 HUNT.
  • Manipulating token transaction or disrupting exchange business and project may nullify the token winning.
  • This event is not to be constructed as a recommendation for investment.
  • Airdrop tokens will be directly delivered to winners by DAYBIT.
  • Duplicate participation is unavailable for the "Best HUNTer Event" and "Random Airdrop Event"
  • Please make sure to issue HUNT deposit address before the airdrop date.
  • You can issue the deposit address from [My Page > Wallet > HUNT].
  • Purchased Steemhunt tokens are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.
  • Please contact Steemhunt("Issuer") for Steemhunt related inquiries.
  • The time of the Steemhunt distribution will be according to the schedule set by Steemhunt("Issuer").
  • The exchange rate for cryptocurrencies uses the prices in DAYBIT; however, if there is a significant difference between the price of the other exchanges and DAYBIT, DAYBIT uses the price of CoinMarketCap( or CoinGecko(
  • Tokens other than bonus tokens can be deposited or withdrawn when tokens are listed.


Thank you,