This is DAYBIT Team


We are excited to announce that DAYBIT prepared a BTC giveaway event for new member to welcome on board.


Detailed information are as followed:


[Event Information]


■ Event Period


  • 2019.04.09 17:00:00 (UTC +9) ~ 2019.04.14 23:59:59 (UTC +9)


■ Eligibility Criteria


  • New member: New member who completed Identity Verification for BTC Airdrop Event and issued BTC deposit address(First 500 members)
  • Referral of new members: Members who have referee signed up with his/her referral code or link. Referees must complete level 2 mobile phone verification and issued BTC deposit address. (Existing members and new members within the event period can both refer, and you can refer up to 10 new members)


■ Airdrop Amount


  • First 500 members
  • New member: $4 value of BTC per a member
  • Referral of new members: $2 value of BTC per a referee (Available to receive up to $20 value of BTC)


■ Airdrop Date


  • April 15th, 2019 (UTC +9) - Lump sum
  • Paid at BTC price at the time of the airdrop


■ Original referral with DAY


  • Referral: receive bonus DAY equivalent to 10% of DAY rewards given to your referees
  • Referee: receive additional 20% of your DAY rewards
  • Referral bonuses are given within the total amount of each round's DAY reward


■ Additional On-going Events





  • Maximum 500 members can participate in this event. For referrals, the referee must also be included in the within 500 members to receive airdrop
  • Current members(members who registered before the event period) and new members can all participate in the event.
  • Verification can be done through My page > Security > Identity Verification for BTC Airdrop Event
  • The price of cryptocurrency is calculated with the real-time price of cryptocurrencies in DAYBIT. However, if the price differences of a certain cryptocurrency is too big, DAYBIT uses data from CoinMarketCap
  • If one manipulates the content of transaction or disrupt the project or DAYBIT's operation, the winner may be invalidated
  • Please issue the BTC deposit address before the airdrop due date (April, 15th)
  • Deposit address for BTC can be issued at your DAYBIT wallet [My pages > Wallet > BTC]
  • This event is not intended to encourage one-sided investment
  • Event prizes will be given directly to the winner by DAYBIT


We look forward to your interest and participation.


Thank you,