This is DAYBIT Team.

We are happy to announce the final result on DAY, HUNT Trading Competition.

We’ll shortly send emails to event winners to request for submission of personal information, which will be used only to abide by the withholding taxes law. So, please send us your personal information by 2019.4.24 12:00 pm (UTC +9). Users who already submitted personal information will not receive the email.

[Airdrop Schedule]

2019.04.24(WED) (UTC +9)

[Airdrop Amount]

  • 1st place: $1,480 value of BTC
  • 2nd place: $740 value of BTC
  • 3rd place: $370 value of BTC
  • 4th ~ 10th place: $185 value of BTC
  • 11th ~ 50th place: $25 value of BTC

[Winners List]

  • 1st: bluesu***
  • 2nd: ganar***
  • 3rd: 2875w***
  • 4th: ejhig***
  • 5th: jhas***
  • 6th: niceguy0***
  • 7th: zinziv***
  • 8th: 798wl***
  • 9th: jayjun***
  • 10th: kimsang0***
  • 11st: fordo***
  • 12nd: ejjun***
  • 13rd: yeek6***
  • 14th: promis***
  • 15th: grandsimp***
  • 16th: flashponzib***
  • 17th: picnic10***
  • 18th: ccc6***
  • 19th: happy***
  • 20th: simonki***
  • 21st: privacya***
  • 22nd: simd***
  • 23rd: whdals1***
  • 24th: steady***
  • 25th: hocheo***
  • 26th: pa***
  • 27th: crossx***
  • 28th: melo***@naver.comth
  • 29th: dkal***
  • 30th: novalogi***
  • 31st: jaiho***
  • 32nd: pts6***
  • 33rd: dall***
  • 34th: eastunive***
  • 35th: hane***
  • 36th: gopher1***
  • 37th: robozita***
  • 38th: rea***
  • 39th: teethgu***
  • 40th: unico***
  • 41st: zzi***
  • 42nd: 3320***
  • 43rd: bluec***
  • 44th: 1ate***
  • 45th: Nall***
  • 46th: jychoijychoijyc***
  • 47th: id2***
  • 48th: canni***
  • 49th: templ***
  • 50th: nette***


  • Trading other pairs of cryptocurrencies except DAY/BTC and HUNT/BTC are not permitted during the competition period to remain eligible.
  • The price of cryptocurrency when the competition starts is calculated by averaging from one hour before the start of the competition to the actual start time of the competition
  • The price of cryptocurrency when the competition ends is calculated by averaging from one hour before the end of the competition to the actual end time of the competition
  • Equivalent BTC value is used as the unit of calculation on all amounts.
  • The price of BTC is based on CoinMarketCap
  • You won’t be able to receive event prizes if you do not provide personal information.
  • When Airdrop value exceed 50,000 KRW value by the time of the airdrop, 22% of the prize will be deducted for taxation.
  • Event prizes will be given directly to the winner by DAYBIT.
  • Your personal information will not be used for purposes other than the withholding tax law.

Congratulations to all who won the competition!

Thank you,