This is DAYBIT Team,

For the better environment in HUNT/BTC market, we are excited to announce the Net-Purchase Attendance Event.

600,000 HUNT are prepared to be rewarded to winners, so get your game on!

■ Event Period : 2019.04.25 12:00:00 (UTC +9) ~ 2019.05.06 11:59:59 (UTC +9)

■ Eligibility Criteria

  • Users who net-purchased more or equal to $500 value of HUNT in 6 days out of 12 days of event period are eligible to participate to win the reward for being top 50 users who net-purchased HUNT the most(Differential Distribution)

    (Net Purchased Value = Total Buy Value - Total Sell Value)

    *DAY Holder Weighting:  20% is weighted for users who maintain more or equal to 100,000 DAY during the event.

■ Airdrop Quantity :

  • Max. 600,000 HUNT  (Max 50 users)
RankQuantityDAY Holders Weighted Quantity

■ Winner Announcement: 2019.05.08 (Wed)

■ Airdrop Date : 2019.05.15 (Wed)

※ Account that Withdraws HUNT during the event gets excluded from the winner list.

※ Daily HUNT Net-Purchasing amount is measured everyday from 12:00:00 (UTC +9) to 11:59:59 (UTC +9) the following day.

※ Users who do not maintain 100,000 DAY for a moment during the event will be excluded from the DAY Holder Weighting.

※ The price of cryptocurrency is calculated with the real-time price of cryptocurrencies in DAYBIT. However, if the price differences of a certain cryptocurrency is too big, DAYBIT uses data from CoinMarketCap.

※ If one manipulates the content of the transaction or disrupt the project or DAYBIT's operation, the winner may be invalidated.

※ Please issue deposit address for HUNT before the airdrop date, the May 15th.

※ Deposit address for HUNT can be issued at your DAYBIT wallet [My Pages > Wallet > HUNT]

※ This event is not intended to encourage one-sided investment.

※ Event prizes will be given directly to the winner by DAYBIT.

Thank you,