This is DAYBIT Team.

After DAYBIT conducted various factors, we decided to delist cryptocurrency that is in a violation of the following five criteria, which is consideration of the "Delisting Policy". This policy is to protect all users of DAYBIT.

  1. Law Violation
  2. Poor Operational Reliability
  3. Poor Development Credibility
  4. Poor Market
  5. To Protect DAYBIT Users from Similar Problems as above

Delisting Policy:

Based on our most recent reviews, we have decided to delist cryptocurrency as follows;

  • Zilliqa (ZIL)

The reason for the delisting cryptocurrency above is the "4. Poor Market" criteria from the "Delisting Policy," In addition, we are planning to delist cryptocurrencies that have low trading volume in orders.

Deposit Limit Schedule: 2019.04.26 19:00:00 (UTC +9)

Delisting Schedule: 2019.04.29 13:00:00 (UTC +9)

Withdrawal Due : 2019.05.13 13:00:00 (UTC +9)

DAYBIT recommends that you withdraw the cryptocurrency as soon as possible to protect your assets.

Thank you,