This is DAYBIT Team.

Recently, a message to induce downloading malicious file by impersonating DAYBIT email, titled as "[이벤트] ELYSIA 토큰세일 이벤트 당첨자 발표" or "[Event] ELYSIA Token Sale Event Winner Announcement"

Please note that this mail is not an email sent from DAYBIT.

Please proceed with the confirmation process as below when you receive email from DAYBIT.

What to check when receiving email from DAYBIT

  1. Check the sender address
    DAYBIT only sends email with, and does not use any other email address.

  2. Check if there is an attachment file
    In any case, DAYBIT does not send you an email with a file attached. DAYBIT is only accepting inquiries about payment of tax issues through Customer Support.

  3. Send a ticket to Customer Support or DAYBIT's Customer Support ( - Please confirm the authenticity through "Submit a new ticket."

If you receive an email with an attachment file which is similar title that impersonates DAYBIT, Please do not download the file attached and delete the email immediately.

Thank you,