[Information and caution of KRW deposit]

  • Daybit's KRW trading is based on the principle of real name transaction. To use the KRW deposit and withdrawal services, users must register with their own mobile phone and bank account information.

  • Users can only make a deposit through their own bank account registered in Daybit. Users may be restricted from the deposit if they deposit through bank account other than the account registered in Daybit.

  • After entering the deposit amount, the last two digits will be changed automatically. So, please make sure to deposit the deposit amount shown on the screen correctly.

  • Ex) After a user enters 10,000 Won, last two digits of the deposit amount changes automatically to 10,051 Won. Then, the user must deposit exactly 10,051 Won as shown in the screen. (Actual deposit amount: 10,051 Won)

  • If the deposit and bank account information do not match, the deposit may be delayed, and user may have to provide proof documents for the transaction.

  • Your deposit request will be canceled after 72 hours of your request. If you make a deposit after 72 hours, you will need to submit proof documents for the deposit.

  • In order to prevent voice phishing, pharming and any financial incidents, KRW and cryptocurrencies withdrawal request will be limited up to 72 hours after the last KRW deposit.

  • Minimum KRW deposit amount is 10,000 Won.

※ If the deposit is not processed or you accidentally made a wrong deposit, please contact customer service.

[Deposit Procedure]

  1. Go to Wallet KRW Deposit

  2. Enter the amount you plan to deposit and press Reserve Deposit

  3. Press Ok in the Deposit Reserve screen

  4. The last two digits of the reserved deposit amount will be changed. Please deposit after checking the reserved deposit amount and Daybit's bank account. 
        Ex) Designated Bank Account: Kookmin 1234567890 Chulsoo Pyo → Daybit's deposit bank account: Shinhan 100-000-000000 (주)데이빗
             Planned Deposit Amount: 10,000 Won, Planned Deposit Amount in the screen: 10,043 Won, Actual Deposit Amount and reflected Asset: 10,043 Won

  5. Deposit history can be found in WalletAsset KRW Transaction History.