Hi, This is Daybit.

Daybit will extend the 0 trading fee event to 2019.08.22 15:00 (KST).

At the end of the even, the changed reward program will be applied from 2019.08.22 15:00 (KST). The changes are as follows;

 1. End of DAY Reward Program(Trade Mining)

     The DAY reward program, which was paid in return for the exchange's growth and development of the trading ecosystem by providing liquidity through trading in Daybit exchange, will be terminated.

     Hence, supply of DAY is no longer increasing, and all expected rewards are burned out. (Check the previous DAY renewal announcement: http://bit.ly/2Hf6Y0L)

2. Adjustment of the BTC Reward Program

    Before) BTC reward: 100% of the transaction fee revenue of Daybit is distributed(http://bit.ly/2SG3AjM) to users by their contributions(Transaction:DAY Holding=1:2)

    After) BTC reward: 66% of the transaction fee revenue of Daybit is distributed to users by their contribution(Transaction:DAY Hold=1:1)

    After the adjustment, 66.6% of distribution to users and 33.3% distribution to Daybit are remained unchanged.

3. End of Referral Bonus

    As the DAY reward program ends, DAY referral bonus will be also terminated.

    In the future, Daybit is considering an improved referral bonus. We will make an announcement as it is confirmed.

4. Paying Trading Fees with DAY Available

    Users are able to pay trading fees with DAY(50% Discount).

In addition,

As we made announcement about DAY Reform, all DAY owned by Daybit are excluded from the asset.

Therefore, the total supply of DAY in Daybit is 50,000,000 DAY.

We will inform you about the details about the token burn with the contract address in shortly.

Thank you,