Hello, This is Daybit.

From 2019.08.22 15:00(KST), BTC Reward Program has been resumed after the end of free trading fee event.

Terms and conditions of BTC Reward Program are the same as before(1 transaction per 1 day is required). You may check your reward from [Funds] - [Reward Program] - [BTC Reward].

Function of trading fee discount with DAY will be applied in the future, and "Trading Fee Policy Guide for DAY Holders(Beta)" will be remained until we make a further announcement.

[Trading Fee Policy Guide for DAY Holders]

  • Effective Date: 2019. 8. 22 15:00:00 (KST) - Until further notice

  • Snapshot Time: Everyday at 09:00:00 (KST); average number of DAY Tokens in customer's wallet within 24 hours

  • Trading Fee Effective: 24 hours after the snapshot

  • Trading Fee Policy

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