Hello, this is Daybit.

To enhance convenience and security of Daybit, the 2FA(Two-Factor Authentication) method will be be changed from mobile phone verification to 2FA app (OTP) verification.

For the security purposes to protect users' account, 2FA app (OTP) verification set up will become mandatory. All the services in Daybit will be available after users set up the 2FA app (OTP) verification.

[Date of the Application]

  • 2019.10.07 Monday 14:00 (KST)

[Changes of 2FA Verification]


  • Mobile phone verification through submitting mobile verification code


  • Verification through 2FA application such as Authy app(Google Authenticator is also available)

* Recommends using Authy, which provides backup and restore functions.

[2FA Service Guide]

Downloading 2FA App and registering App

① Download a 2FA verfication app (Authy is recommended)

② Using PC Web) Scan QR Code with your 2FA verification app and create an OTP code

③ Using Mobile Phone) Copy the Daybit Registration Key and past Daybit Registration Key into 2FA verification app to create an OTP code

④ Enter 6-digits OTP code from 2FA verification app into OTP code column 

⑤ Save 10 Backup Keys in a safe place. Users can use Backup Keys to re-authenticate the OTP if the phone is lost. The backup key once used cannot be reused.

Thank you,

Daybit Team