This is Daybit,

On December 4th, Daybit will list Color Platform (CLR) on Daybit's KRW market.

In addition, we will start a net purchasing event to celebrate Color Platform's first KRW market listing.

Please check our listing and event schedule about the new token!

■ CLR Listing Information

1. Color Platform (CLR) Project

Color Platform is devoted to bringing the opportunities of a decentralized platform for daily life.

Our unique parallel consensus algorithm, cloud-based blockchain, and advanced governance architecture solves the issues of existing decentralized systems.

Please check the white Paper for more details about Color Platform:

White Paper :

2. Color Platform (CLR) Listing Schedule

  • Listing Market : KRW Market
  • Listing Price : Average of CLR Global Price
  • Deposit and withdrawal will be Available at : 2019.12.02 (Mon) 14:00:00 (UTC +9)
  • Listing Time : 2019.12.04 (Wed) 14:00:00 (UTC +9)

3. Order Restriction and Low Limit Value

  • Order Restriction will be placed to ensure safe trading environment.
  • 2019.12.04 (Wed) 14:00:00 (UTC +9) ~ 2019.12.04 (Wed) 14:09:59 (UTC +9): Only buy orders are available.
  • 2019.12.04 (Wed) 14:10:00 (UTC +9) ~ : All orders available.
  • Limit Value: Cannot sell for less than 10% from the listing price.
  • Limit Period: 2019.12.04 (Wed) 14:00:00 (UTC +9) ~ 2019.12.05 (Thu) 13:59:59 (UTC +9) 24 hours

    *  Due to the price difference between current Daybit's CLR price and average of CLR global price, the limit function was eliminated in CLR listing.

■ The 1st CLR Listing Event

1. Net Purchase Event

  • Event Period : 2019.12.04 14:00:00 (UTC +9) ~   2019.12.17 23:59:59(UTC+9) 2019.12.20 23:59:59 (UTC+9)
  • Eligibility Criteria : From users whose net purchase quantity is more than 5,000 CLR, airdrop will be given to total 1,001 users in high net purchase quantity order.
    Total 2,500,000 CLR (Approximately 30,000,000 KRW)

  • Airdrop Quantities

    Net Purchase Ranking

    Number of Winners

    Airdrop Quantities (CLR)

    1,001th (Consolation Prize)110,000
  • Airdrop Date : 2019.12.27 (Fri)

2. Notes for the Event

  • Net purchase quantity in this event is calculated by Total Value of CLR Buy - Total Value of CLR sell.
  • Any event participants who proceed withdrawal (KRW, cryptocurrencies) will be excluded from the event.
  • If one manipulates the content of the transaction or disrupt the project or Daybit's operation, the winner may be invalidated.
  • Please issue deposit address for CLR before the airdrop date. Winners with no CLR deposit address may be invalidated.
  • Deposit address for CLR can be issued at your Daybit wallet [Wallet > Asset > CLR]
  • This event is not intended to encourage one-sided investment.
  • Prize was based on the global market price of the corresponding cryptocurrency at the time of the announcement.
  • The 2nd listing event of CLR will be announced.

■ Notices

  1. Market price can be volatile due to lack of market liquidity in the early stage of listing.
  2. DAYBIT is not responsible for high volatility due to lack of market liquidity.
  3. Cryptocurrencies are not legal currencies under any country's literacy. No countries or actors guarantee its value.
  4. Users take sole responsibility for investment decisions and any loss from trading.
  5. Make sure to get your deposit address from Daybit wallet before depositing tokens. The deposit address can be issued from [Wallet > Asset > CLR].
  6. Please note that any error or loss caused by depositing other cryptocurrencies to this address cannot be reverted.
  7. Amount of time for deposit may vary depends on the network condition of the blockchain. Daybit cannot resolve delays in withdrawal or deposit caused by blockchain network issues.

  8. All times within this announcement are in UTC+9.
  9. When Airdrop value exceed 50,000 KRW value by the time of the airdrop, 22% of the prize will be deducted for taxation.

Thank you,