Daybit offers trading accounts for either personal or corporate account holders.

Corporate members are required to manually submit required documents for verification, with the procedures listed below:


[Procedure for corporate account application]

1. Sign up for Daybit. (First sign up by email using a corporate/business e-mail address)

2. Fill out the page below without complete the Level 2 (mobile phone) and Level 3 (identity) authentication.

3. Send the required documents below to (Please prepare scanned copies as PDFs for documents and PNGs for photos and add them as attachments)

     1) AML and CDD Declaration (

     2) Certificate of Incorporation

     4) List of shareholders (all beneficial owners)

     5) Copy of the passbook of the main bank account

     6) Copy of passport of beneficial owner of the company

     7) Front photo of the beneficial owner holding passport

     8) Proof of residence of the company (Government-issued certificate or bills)

     9) Proof of residence of the beneficial owner (Government-issued certificate or bills)


Once the application is submitted, the information will undergo internal review, and then be approved, rejected, or deferred until further information is clarified. If there are any matters that need to be supplemented or amended during the review process, we will contact you through the contact information provided on the application.