Please contact us through customer support by submitting a new ticket when you need a recovery from miss-sent cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency  deposit.

[How to send a ticket]

■ Charging fees for recovering miss-sent cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency deposit

  • The recovery process of miss-sent cryptocurrency deposit requires high level of security and risk associated method, so it takes much of time.
  • The recovery process of miss-sent cryptocurrency deposit requires abundant network fees for recovering and verifying purposes.
  • Therefore, there will be a fee for the recovery process of miss-sent cryptocurrency deposit, so please be careful when you deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Miss-Sent Cryptocurrency Deposit by TypesFees

2nd Destination(ex: memo from EOS) Error
Sending Cryptocurrencies that Daybit does not Support (ERC-20)

 Expected Time for a Recovery after Registration : 20 Business Days

■ Starting Date: After this announcement is released

■ Warnings

  • Due to a problem with blockchain network or crypto-asset itself, it may not be possible to recover the miss-sent crypto-asset deposit.
  • Recovery will not be possible when user sent their assets to another exchange or personal wallet by filling in a wrong address.

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