Get your project listed on a transparent and compliant digital assets exchange, and access the Korean won (KRW) market starting June 2020.


DAYBIT Exchange, built by digital assets leader Chain Partners, is a high performance exchange welcoming new projects this spring and summer!  As the crypto market heats up in 2020, DAYBIT is ready to support blockchains and blockchain startups as they enter the Korean marketplace.


Any project that passes the simple listing criteria below is eligible to receive listing and initial listing support.




[Terms & Conditions]


Token type

Ethereum based ERC-20 token / Klaytn based KCT token / EOS based token


Minimum organization requirements

1) Projects with more than 300 official community members in their Telegram / KakaoTalk

2) The company or foundation members are clear of civil, criminal complaints or legal action



High performance exchange

Clean brand reputation, no manipulation  

No fees, just bring your community and trade KRW pairs


There’s more

1) Zero listing fees (no hidden costs)

2) No need to supply minimum liquidity for transactions/order book (self-directed)

3) Zero initial promotion costs, no advisory fees, byob (bring your own budget)


We want your project to succeed! Here’s what else we can do

1) Announcement of the listing via web and text message to DAYBIT subscribers

2) News coverage of DAYBIT’s listings across affiliate media CoinNess, including Coinone ticker,, (totalling 1.5-million+ viewers)

3) Process on/off Korean won through any bank in Korea

4) CoinDuck payment solution integration when DAYBIT volume exceed $10 million monthly transactions

How to Apply

Fill out this google form: