At 2pm today, KLAY, a virtual asset on the Klaytn blockchain developed by Kakao's blockchain subsidiary GroundX, was successfully listed on the DAYBIT Exchange supporting KLAY/KRW.


If you are a Korean citizen, you may trade KLAY with Korean Won (KRW) by signing up and verifying your identity as an individual or corporate account.


DAYBIT Exchange has also opened a Top Trader Event.


From June 2 to June 8, 2020, top traders will be selected among those with the most buy-and-sell trades for KLAY.  The event prizes include an iPad Pro 128GB and Airpod Pros. Please click here for details of the announcement.


(* Note when depositing Korean Won: If the amount of the deposit that is reserved at 1,000,000 won, the last 2 digits will automatically randomly be modified for security reasons. For instance, 1,000,000 won may change to 1,000,092 won. Deposit exactly this amount shown.


If you deposit only 1,000,000 won, real-time deposit is not reflected and you must request a deposit confirmation at support@daybit.com. Please do not forget to reflect the last 2 digits in your deposit!)


To protect investors by securing liquidity, KLAY can only be deposited and traded for the time being. KLAY withdrawal is limited. KRW is available to deposit and withdraw 24 hours a day.


DAYBIT will strive to continue to provide convenient KLAY trading services.