DAYBIT Exchange is proud to announce the listing of Trias (TRY).


- Trading Pair: TRY/KRW, TRY/BTC

- Deposits Open: June 29, 2020 Tuesday 03:00 UTC

- Trading Begins: June 30, 2020 Tuesday 03:00 UTC



[Trading competition]

After listing Trias (TRY), a prize pool of 2,000,000 TRY will be given to the top 20 buyers for 10 days.

Event period:  June 30, 2020(Tue) 03:00 UTC - July 9, 2020 (Thu) 03:00 UTC

Total prize pool: 2,000,000 TRY

- 1st : 500,000 TRY

- 2nd : 300,000 TRY

- 3rd : 200,000 TRY

- 4th~10th : 70,000 TRY each

- 11th~20th : 51,000 TRY each


Ranking announcement: July 10th (Fri)

* Winners will be decided on the basis of the volume of trades traded at Daybit Terminal.

[About Trias (Provided by the listing project)]

Trias is a full-stack decentralized trusted cloud infrastructure and an enterprise-grade blockchain. It has integrated TEE(trusted execution environment) technology, cyber security, and graph computing algorithms as a combined blockchain solutions to ensure the correct execution of software. Trias is building a highly scalable public chain that also provides “layer -1” infrastructure to support other public chains including Ethereum and Hyperledger. Its DApp TriasForce has already been deployed by large financial institutions and manufacturing industries.

[Trias official links]


Thank you

- Daybit Team