Daybit is pleased to announce a new liquidity staking program.

By depositing and staking virtual assets at Daybit (listed below), traders can receive staking rewards for depositing and holding them for fixed periods of time. Staked assets are pooled 100% into the available liquidity supply for each market, which increases the overall liquidity for traders and establishes a better trading environment.


[Detailed Guide to Liquidity Staking Program]

1. Assets and rewards for staking


1) 20 BTC (7% annual reward rate)

2) 500 ETH (6% annual reward rate)

3) 400 BCH (6% annual reward rate)

4) 33,000 EOS (5% annual reward rate)

5) 1,500,000 KLAY (7% annual reward rate)

6) 500,000,000 KRW (7% annual reward rate)

* Required amount for staking per account: A minimum of 1,000,000 KRW (for each virtual asset selected for staking)

2. Application period: Canceled


(When each asset staking goal is achieved, subsequent rounds will appear on the waiting list)

3. How to apply: Fill out this application and we will contact you individually.

4. Contact:


Conditions: Virtual assets cannot be withdrawn during the staking period. Traders can decide whether to extend staking each month. If you do not extend, the contract will terminate after the withdrawal of the asset, and the staking opportunity will be given to the next trader on the waiting list.

Staking can become an additional passive source of revenue, which benefits long-term holders of virtual assets.

Daybit uses the staked assets to add to each market’s liquidity, and this can be independently verified through an external accounting firm’s audits conducted bi-annually.

Rewards will be airdropped to individual Daybit accounts at the end of each month.

Daybit will automatically withdraw virtual assets from the applicant's account. Never ask the applicant to deposit to a specific wallet address, and please pay attention to the separate deposit request as it is 100% fraudulent.

Thank you.

- Daybit Team